Welcome to Marie’s blog.

Welcome to the first of my blog.

 I have been really pleased this week to see the launch of our new website and would like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone for their support and expertise in making this possible. Ty Edwards from Bridgend Website Design have been tremendous in creating the site offering advice and technical support and together with Helen Murdoch from HM Marketing have made my role so much easier. A big thank you also to Phil Davies who did the photographs for the Lifestyle Plan and the role models in the success stories. Finally to all the Slimtone members who are featured I know you will agree they look great.


We have not had much encouragement to start on a healthy plan with Christmas and the cold weather ruining all the good intentions.

 My advice in the classes this week is to go back to the G.I. diet in the Lifestyle plan. The meals all contain foods which contain slow release energy, therefore making them far more satisfying. Also, any of the recipes for soup will make an ideal starter or snack meal. It has been proven that having a bowl of soup before a meal helps you lose weight quicker. It is also a good idea to buy a soup flask and take a portion to work to have with your lunch. You will soon discover it does help prevent those hunger pangs. Finally don’t forget to have a satisfying breakfast, porridge with fruit or bran based cereals are ideal.

Look out for further ideas soon.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Marie’s blog.

  1. Congratulations to our Slimtone slimmers of the week,,,,

    Bettws …….Jo Kendall loss 3lb

    Danymynndd…..Gill Lorris loss 3lb

    Congratulations girls your an inspiration to us all..

  2. Hi Marie, This site is fabulous as i am home at the moment with a very bad back i have been enjoying reading other members weight losses, Will send you all treatments for the health farm tomorrow. Well done and good luck Marie. Linda

    • Well done Angela you are looking great. I know the members at Sainsburys class are all really pleased for you. Keep up the good work you are an inspiration to the class. Marie

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