It really was emotional finishing our classes in the Dunraven Hotel after over thirty years. The first class at our new venue at Llysfaen was on Friday 19th February and was a great success. A lot of the residents joined the class and it was a great atmosphere. Special congratulations to Lisa who has now lost over five stone and to Eunice who has lost over three stone since September both following the Lifestyle Healthy Eating Plan. Everyone was really pleased for them and all agreed they look really great. It was good to see so many target members at the meeting and they all shared their ideas and favourite low calorie menus with all the new ladies.


  1. well it was our first, meeting ,it was friendly and as always,lots of great advice from marie.I look forward to loosing weight marie s way.

    • Hi Laura

      It was great seeing you back in class on Friday. I agree the atmosphere at Llys Faen is great. I am so pleased that all the members from our class at the Dunraven Hotel have found it convenient to transfer to this new venue and are able to share their ideas, recipes and experience with the new members. See you Friday.


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