Most of Wales will be switched on to the rugby on Friday evening. I have found in class that most members like to enjoy a takeaway or quick and easy meal with friends and family while watching the game. I have been asked for some ideas for quick and tasty meals that can be prepared during the day ready for serving at half time.
Two of the Slimtone favourites are on our new website and in our Lifestyle plan. The Chicken and Mushroom Curry or Chilli served with rice or jacket potato are both filling and easy to prepare. Also the recipe for Leek and Potato soup which is also on the site would be great with sliced hot French bread. Let me know if you have any ideas.



  1. Hi everyone. this is a simple pud for those sweet days.or a Easter Treat.

    Lemon Roulade

    4 Egg Whites
    4oz of light sugar
    2oz plain flour
    zest and juice of a lemon
    low fat spray for greasing tray

    The Filling

    lemon curd jam
    icing for dusting and or shreds of lemon rind.

    Whisk egg whites until peaks formed
    then gradually add sugar, fold in the flour lemon juice and zest spoon the mix into a prepared swiss roll tray,spread evenly.
    bake for 15/18 mins at 200c or gas 6.
    turn out onto a sheet of non-stick baking paper, and loosely roll from one short side.
    when cool , unroll and spread with lemon curd
    re roll and dust with icing sugar and add the thin shreds of lemon rind to decorate. this works out at Aprox 154 cals a slice and serves 6.

    you can also use oranges instead of lemons if you wish, then use a apricot/or marmalade spread for the filling.
    As this is fat free cake it will only keep fresh for a few days.

  2. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for the talk you gave us all in the Tuesday class at Maesteg, Again i found it very interesting and so useful. I tried the Faggot recipe and they were excellent, i have had brill comments on how good they are.
    so i will be making them again.soon (for all the family to take home with them.)so they tell me…

    have a go every one.

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