Congratulation to Liz Pearson of our Maesteg Class who has been selected to appear on the back of the latest publication of the A – Z Magazine.  As this is distributed around the country it’s great to pop into Smith’s when you are on holiday and see Liz.

Liz was thrilled to lose over two stone for her daughter’s wedding and found the Lifestyle Plan had lots of ideas for “meals for one” as well as family friendly recipes.  the following recipe for salmon steak was one of her favourites and will make a delicous meal for the Bank Holiday.  Tha Plan also included a “Daily Treat” she could still have a dessert or chocolate bar.

Salmaon Steak – Serves 1 Approx 300 cals per portion. 

Poach, grill or bake in foil one 112g/4oz salmon steak topped with 1 tspn low fat spread and garnished with dill.  Serve with 140g/5oz boiled potatoes and lots of favourite vegetables.


Marie’s Tip      *This recipe is also suitable for tuna steak.

* Make a tasty dressing by popping 56g/2ozs low fat cream cheese with chives into the micro. for a minute.  Mix with a tablespoon of extra light mayo and drizzle over fish.


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