The next in our WINTER SURVIVAL KIT is our Slimtone Soup which makes a versatile hot meal in this cold weather. Simply simmer a selection of vegetables i.e carrots, swede, leeks, onions, butternut squash, etc in vegetable stock until cooked. Blitz a small portion with hand held blender to thicken and return to saucepan. Garnish with parsley and you will have a tasty free soup to start a meal or take to work in a flask. Alternatively, a can of thick beef and vegetable soup can be made into a tasty meal by thickening with gravy granules and served as a casserole with lots of green vegetables, or add curry powder and serve with boiled rice. Look out for more ideas tomorrow.


This week I will be sharing some of the ideas we use in Slimtone as our Winter Survival Kit. The first is the most important meal of the day which is our breakfast. Missing this is a sure way of binging later in the evening. I always recommend starting with a hot bowl of porridge topped with low fat yoghurt or fromage frai. Or if you are in a hurry the packets of Oats so Simple are a good portion controlled start to the day. This is an excellent low GI meal and as it is slow release energy will sustain you until lunch time. Poached, scrambled or boiled egg with granary toast has also been proven to keep you satisfied longer. Keep watching for more ideas daily

Champneys Health Hydro

Had a wonderful weekend at Champneys and the members who joined us for the pampering day also enjoyed. There were over 60 of us on the Sunday and it was great to see all the ladies from different Slimtone classes meeting up and complimenting each other on their weight loss. The visit was so successful that to avoid disappointment for so many we have had to hire another
coach for the May visits next year. If you would like to join us I would suggest you book as soon as possible. You will find a full list of dates on our website