What are you giving up for Lent

Slimtone members have been really surprised at just how much extra weight they can be losing by watching those “little extras” that sometimes creep back into our diet. Just avoiding that little cream egg when collecting the daily newspaper and you could lose two pounds. Saying “no” to the half a bottle of wine in the evening another three and half pounds. I know you would not think about having two take aways per week but if you know a friend who does let them know they can lose a half a stone by Easter and save the £££££££ Let us know what treats you are giving up this Lent….


Don’t miss out on the fun this Shrove Tuesday. The following recipe is really popular with Slimtone members and can be made at any time as a delicious dessert.

PANCAKES (basic recipe) Makes 8-10 pancakes

4oz/112g  plain flour

1/2 pint skimmed milk

1 medium egg

lemon juice

low fat cooking spray

pinch of salt


Sieve flour and salt into bowl, add egg and half of the skimmed milk,  beat to a smooth creamy batter.  Stir in the remaining milk.  Mist non-stick pan with cooking spray, pour in 2-3 tblspns of the batter mixture (enough to cover the base of the pan evenly) cook over a medium heat until golden brown, toss or turn and fry other side.  Keep warm between 2 plates over a pan of simmering water.  If using a 7″ pan this mixture will make 10 pancakes @ 60 cals each.  If using 8-9″ pan mixture will make 8 pancakes @ 75 cals each.

A squeeze of lemon juice with a sprinkling of sugar is traditional but lets get creative.  Stew frozen fruits of the forrest and use to fill the pancakes, top with aerosol cream or ice cream. Fresh sliced strawberries or raspberries mixed with reduced fat fromage frai and a drizzle of honey also make a tasty filling. Or alternatively reserve some of the batter add cocoa powder and make a chocolate variety the children will enjoy…….