Slimtone Launches A Members Forum

Please visit our updated website on I know you will be inspired by the new success stories and all the other information now available. Also, there is a new members forum where you can share your favourite healthy eating recipes, ideas and tips for all the online and Slimtone members. It has been proven that you lose weight far more successfully with a “dieting butty” so look forward to seeing all your messages soon.

Website update

Thanks to Ty from Bridgend Web Deign and Helen from Helen Murdoch Marketing we have an updated web site. The new success stories are really inspirational. Also, the recipes will give new ideas every week.There will soon also be a forum that visitors can share their ideas etc and a good place to find a dieting butty. Take a look I know you will be impressed. Also, as everyone knows school
holidays are over and there is seven weeks before the summer holiday. I am reminding all the members this week that just a pound a week will see them half a stone lighter before their holidays. Take advantage of the weekly recipes on the site and if you have a down day take a look at the success stories they are sure to motivate you

Congratulations to our Slimtone members

Congratulations for the record weight losses at our Slimtone classes. Special mention to Victoria at our Sainsburys class who has now lost over six stone. Her advice this week to all the new members was really inspirational. Victoria found taking each half stone as a milestone along the road to her ideal weight. As she explained looking at how much was to lose initially can be very off putting which everyone agreed. Setting herself these small targets together with always staying for the chat each week where everyone shares their ideas and tips has been the key to her success. Congratulations are also in order for Ann Marie who has lost four stone since joining in January an average of two pounds a week.

Well done to everyone.