New Mobile Food App

For almost 32 years Slimtone has been recommending healthy eating alternatives to their members which has proven to be the secret of their success.  I have had notification today of a revolutionary new app that has been launched from FoodSwitch which will help you make these choices in the supermarket. It allows for the first time to scan the barcodes of your food and drinks and instantly see whether they are high (red) medium (amber) or low (green) in fat, sugar and salt.

It also searches the database for similar but healthier alternatives making it easier than ever to switch to the lifestyle recommended by Slimtone.  The free smartphone app can be dowloaded from

Great news and look forward to hearing what you think. I will pass your comments on to the Action on Sugar team.

Congratulations to Tasha our Slimmer of the Month

If you are looking for motivation to lose weight for your holidays take a look at Tasha’s story on Having reached her target weight after losing a stone and half she has maintained this for the past ten years. Attending class while she was pregnant with both her children and getting the extra pounds off to get to her ideal weight soon after they were born. Tasha attends the Slimtone class in Cwrt Gwalia every Thursday morning and Alison who takes the class is always pleased to see new members.


You can have your cake and eat it with Slimtone members favourite recipe.  Let me know how you enjoy.

PANCAKES (basic recipe)   Makes 8-10 pancakes

Sieve 4oz/112g flour and pinch of salt into bowl, add 1 medium size egg and  gradually beat in ½ pint of skimmed milk until a smooth creamy batter.  Mist non-stick pan with low cal cooking spray, pour in 2-3 tblspns of the batter mixture (enough to cover the base of the pan evenly) cook over a medium heat until golden brown, toss or turn and fry other side.  Keep warm between two plates over a pan of simmering water.  If using a 7” pan this mixture will make 10 pancakes @ 60 cals each.  If using 8-9” pan this mixture will make 8 pancakes @ 75 cals each.  Sprinkle with a teaspoon sugar (20 cals) and lemon juice.