Healthy Eating Marie's Way

If Marie Griffiths was French instead of Welsh this brief introduction to her resume would be called Marie’s “raison de’etre” – her reason for existing…… having devoted almost all of her working life to helping her clients achieve their dreams.

This work ethic and her total commitment to it, have been the building blocks of her considerable business success and, for Marie, the rewards are always measured by her achievements in helping her members rather than the financial rewards they might bring.

When she opened her first Slimtone class in 1982, Marie never imagined how big an impact this would have on so many people’s lives. With 20 classes now running in South Wales and members all over the world in her online classes, Marie’s original approach to weight loss and fitness, has never been compromised – friendly and sympathetic encouragement, supported by diet plans based on “real” food and the very latest in nutritional information.

Marie’s aim has always been to help people help themselves and she takes the view that success comes from a partnership with total commitment from both sides.

Slimtone’s philosophy is that, together, we can create an atmosphere of fun combined with commitment, no faddy foods nor expensive supplements, just sensible eating plans.

The success stories on the Slimtone Website speak for themselves – hundreds of men and women who have fulfilled their dreams and unlocked their full potential by losing weight.

If this life is the only chance you get and you want to make the most of it then Marie is waiting for the call that could be your first step towards fulfilling your dreams….