Warm up in the Colder Weather

All the Slimtone members have agreed that this week has certainly seen the temperatures drop after our wonderful summer. We all know that porridge is the perfect start to the day but so many say that they don’t have time to prepare the original one in the morning. I always make mine up the night before popping 40g (one half ozs) in a microwave container adding water or milk. In the morning just cook on high in the micro for 2 minutes add a splash of milk and cook for a further minute. Top with blueberries etc. and you will then enjoy a really satisfying meal that will sustain you until lunch time which is so important for weight loss as it will prevent those mid morning munchies. I find the frozen variety of berries really convenient and there is an excellent variety available in all supermarkets. I will be sharing a few more ideas for the colder weather soon.


This week I will be sharing some of the ideas we use in Slimtone as our Winter Survival Kit. The first is the most important meal of the day which is our breakfast. Missing this is a sure way of binging later in the evening. I always recommend starting with a hot bowl of porridge topped with low fat yoghurt or fromage frai. Or if you are in a hurry the packets of Oats so Simple are a good portion controlled start to the day. This is an excellent low GI meal and as it is slow release energy will sustain you until lunch time. Poached, scrambled or boiled egg with granary toast has also been proven to keep you satisfied longer. Keep watching for more ideas daily