I know so many of you will be pleased to hear that we are transferring the class currently held at Bro Castle Manor to the Village Diner at the Pine Shop in Ewenny. This will start on Tuesday 11th January at the usual time of 10.00am – 11.00am. Andrea will still be the popular lecturer at the class and has seen some recored weight losses. Congratulations to her mother Jan who has lost over three stone since we started the class at Bro Castle a tremendous achievment while organising all the catering and making those fabulous cream cakes. Well done Jan you are an inspiration to everyone in the class. Thanks also to Barbara who does the chair aerobics at the weekly session.


Slimtone is celebrating 28 years of success in it’s Ogmore and Maesteg classes next week. At both classes there will be an opportunity to sample lots of ideas for a healthy eating buffet. Also on Monday at the Non Political Club one lucky member will be having a “make over”. On Tuesday Morning and Thursday evening at Maesteg class Mark will be making a guest appearance. Showing some simple exercises to help while losing weight. Also, chatting about the Zumba classes which he takes every week at Maesteg Sports Centre. Come along to any of our classes to join in the celebrations. Don’t forget our new venue at Bro Castle Manor when the class starts on our anniversary 22nd June at 10.00am. Also for all staff in Lloyds TSB Call Centre our new class starts on Friday 25th June 2.30 – 4.30pm. Look forward to seeing you.