Slim for Santa Special Week 6

If you need inspiration to maintain your healthy eating during December take a look at our successful slimmers on our website and their story on  As you can see they  have different lifestyles but could all lose weight with our Slimtone Lifestyle plan.

You will also find  lots of  low fat alternatives listed of Christmas favourites with masses of taste and flavour but a lot less calories.

Congratulations to all our members for their fantastic weight losses and really  looking forward to seeing who will win our Slim for Santa competition.  This will take place in each class and the final winner during our Christmas Dinner on the 18th December.

If you have any ideas or recipes please share them with us on our Slimtone Facebook Group

Slim for Santa Special Week 5

Congratulations to all the members who are doing so well in our Slim for Santa competition in all the classes and now have lots of baubles on their trees. If you are busy Christmas shopping with no time to cook and plan week 5 of your Lifestyle Book is the answer to your problem. They are all quick and easy menues which will save you time and money. When thinking of sending for that takeaway just remember when you drop the “S” from fast food you are left with FAT FOOD. Still four weeks to go before all the festivities don’t give in now still time to lose some weight and inches.!!!!!

Slim for Santa Special week 3 & 4

So pleased everyone liked our new ideas and menu plan which we launched in the classes last week. It has been designed with lots of recipes for keeping warm during the colder weather. Also, the low G.I suggestions will keep you satisfied for so much longer than all the snacks which contain so much hidden sugars. Apologies for no blog last week our computer was attacked by lightening and thanks to Ty from Bridgend web design who did all the necessary repairs we are back to “normal”.
** Everyone in class agrees that the free soups in our plan make such a big difference before a meal. It has been proven that it help lose weight as we are more satisfied and prevents all the “picking” that can happen later in the day. I find making a toastie for lunch from the new plan or any of the suggestion on page 21 of your Lifestyle book really satisfying. Especially with a portion of the carrot and coriander or red pepper and butternut squash soup both of which are negligible in calories. Another good idea is when making the leek and potato soup is to use sweet potato it makes a fab flavour and as it’s low G.I. so as we all now will provide slow release energy which is great in the Winter. Keep at the plan only 5 weeks to go ????

Slim for Santa Special Week Two

Slim for Santa Week Two

Really hoped you enjoyed the ideas we gave last week and the Butternut Squash and Red Pepper soup recipe we recommended is a great comfort food for the cold evenings.  It makes a great starter to a meal and certainly does help take the edge of your appetite.  So many of our members have found the soup flasks available in most supermarkets are ideal for using in work and makes a warm and tasty addition to their sandwiches.

With only seven weeks to Christmas now is the time to get back to basics which will certainly help melt those pounds away.

**  Don’t forget to complete your food diary every day and don’t skip meals as this will certainly lead to “picking” later in the day.

**  Keep your kitchen scales on the work surface – this will remind you to have the portions recommended in the plan.  All our members agree that this would be the advice they would give to all new members when joining Slimtone.

** Last but not least although the weather is getting colder it is so important to drink your water every day.  So many of us think we are hungry and start raiding the ‘fridge when our body is crying out for a glass of water!!!  See page 66 and 67 for all the advantages this will have for you and I know you will soon get back into the good habit of having it every day.  Add a slice of lemon, lime or orange it certainly makes a difference to the flavour.

Don’t forget to share your recipes and ideas on our Slimtone Group facebook page we would love to hear from you.

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Slim for Santa Special

We are all aware there is only 8 weeks to go to all the Christmas festivities and the good news is there is still time to lose a stone to get into that special outfit. Diane in our Maesteg class has recently got to target and looking fab after losing 19 pounds in only 9 weeks and has shown that the secret of success is following the Lifestyle Plan. During the next eight weeks class members can look forward to a NEW 7 day planner with lots of ideas and recipes. Also, the weekly talks will provide all the motivation to lose those extra pounds and inches. If you are not a member of our Slimtone facebook group you will be missing regular messages keeping you up to date with new products and ideas from myself and our members so don’t miss out join now I know you will not be disappointed.

Congratulations Anita our Successful Slimmer of the month

Need inspiration to lose a few pounds for Christmas. Take a look at Anita’s before and after photographs who is our success story of the month. Together with her story it will certainly motivate you to Fit into that Frock (or trousers) for Christmas. Visit our website now to kick start your diet.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone with special greetings for all our loyal Slimtone members. Congratulations to you all for the wonderful weight losses this year it made me really proud to see everyone looking so fab in our Christmas Party. Well done you are all “Slimmer of the Year” at Slimtone. Looking forward to seeing you again in 2013 and you can look forward to our Quick and Easy diet plan which we are launching in the middle of January. Once again have a good Christmas from Marie and everyone at Slimtone.