Well done to Ogmore Class

Congratulations to Diane who was thrilled to lose 7 pounds this week with the new Fat Blasting Diet. Also, to her brother Nigel who was featured in the latest edition of Around Town magazine with Victoria and Chris of the Sainsburys class who between them lost an amazing 14 stone. The class is still held at 6.00pm at the Non Political Club at Ogmore Vale.

New Fat Blasting Diet

Really pleased that our new Fat Blasting Diet will be launched in all the Slimtone classes next week. The four week low GI meal planner has lots of new ideas and inexpensive easy to prepare menues. Also, congratulations to all the members for the wonderful weight losses we had in all the classes last year you have all done us proud. If you have not been to class for some time we are always pleased to see our familiar faces along with the new members. You will find a full list of classes and motivational success stories on our website http://www.slimtone.co.uk