Julie’s target is to lose 5 stone in the next 12 months

Julie Richards at the start of her weight loss journey

Julie Richards is just starting out on her journey to lose weight, get fit and raise lots of money!

At the end of January 2014, Julie’s 11 year old son, Geraint, suffered a catastrophic asthma attack causing him to have a cardiac arrest and leaving him severely brain damaged. From that moment on, life changed dramatically for the Richard’s family.

“Food has always been my comfort, and in the last 14 months even more so. We spent 5 months in hospital in Cardiff, then another 3 months in hospital in Surrey. We were with Geraint every moment, learning what to do, which exercises would help and generally providing support.

We weren’t eating properly, just grabbing whatever came to hand. And friends and family, at a loss to know what they could do to help, cooked for us – cakes, pasties, big home-cooked dinners that we could just pop in the microwave. I was never a light-weight, but I’ve put on over 2 stone in that time. Now at a size 26 top and size 22 trousers, I knew I had to do something about it.

Like most people, I know what I have to do to lose weight, BUT I needed the motivation. I think you have to want to lose weight, to do it for yourself. And this time, I’ve got motivation by the bucketful!

I worry about Geraint all the time. I need to be around for him now and in the future. It’s no good being out-of-breath and tired all the time. I need to be fit and healthy and to come out of my comfort zone. The best thing I can do for him right now is to lose weight – and if I’m sponsored for every pound I lose, then I can raise money for the Trust Fund we’ve set up for him for his future.

So Slimtone, here I am.

I’ve known Marie for a long time and Linda, who runs the Tondu class, is a good friend too. I know that with their help and support, I’m going to succeed. I’ve got no excuses and the Lifestyle Plan is ideal. Everything is so tasty and the whole family can eat the same thing – I can even have my favourite Sunday roast.

I’m exercising too – and this from someone who hates it with a passion. I just don’t understand how anyone can go to a gym and enjoy it! But I do love walking, oh yes and chatting! So every week after class I’m joining Linda and some of the other Slimtone members for a walk and a chat – exercise can be fun, after all!

At my first weigh-in I was 16 stone 2¼lbs. Marie had brought along a 5lb lump of fat – this is how much you can expect to lose every month! It was horrid. No wonder I’m out-of-breath and tired, this extra weight is like carrying a small child around with me all the time!

My journey has begun – my target is to lose 5 stone in the next 12 months.  I’ve weighed, I’ve measured and I’ve had my cholesterol checked. You can keep track of my success here on the Slimtone blog and on Slimtone’s Facebook page too – and if you’d like to sponsor me, that would be great. Thank you.

See you soon!


Do you want to join Julie on her weight loss journey? Get your copy of the Lifestyle Plan here or come and join a Slimtone class locally or online – you’re always welcome!

Congratulations to Leah

Congratulations to Leah Rossiter who is the Slimmer of the Week at our class in the Non Pol Ogmore Vale. Also, thrilled that she has had a honors degree and is now a Batchelor of Economics and Social Studies together with a BPA for Psychology and Criminology. While at her final year studying at university Leah came to class when possible while following her Slimtone healthy eating plan .During this time losing a total of over 20 pounds and is only three pounds off her ideal weight. Just to let you know Leah everyone at Slimtone is so proud of you.


Photoshoot July 2013

If you have been out and about in Maesteg recently you may have noticed some of the staff working in the Town have been melting away. Between them Hayley at Go Bananas – Judith at Tesco – Sarah in the Post Office and Anita in Bryn Celyn have lost an amazing total of 16 stone at the class in the Masonic Hall.  They all agree losing weight with the tasty recipes in the Slimtone plan has been so easy and don’t they all look fab. http://www.slimtone.co.uk/slimming_classes.asp



What are you giving up for Lent?

So many made their New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and eat healthy, unfortunately for so many these had been broken before the decorations were packed away. What have crept back into your daily diet that could be avoided during Lent. You may be surprised just how much you could lose by Easter simply by avoiding sugar in your tea and coffee (the new sweetener Truvia is really popular with the members and no after taste like some artificial alternatives). Avoid takeaways and make your own fakeaways. The economy jars of curry and sweet and sour sauces in the supermarkets are fab and with cooked chicken, onions, mushrooms etc. make a quick and inexpensive meal. Also, you could see half a stone melting away during the next few weeks. Using low fat cheese spread instead of butter is another tasty way of saving the calories. These are only a few of the ideas we share at Slimtone and making them your aim through Lent would be a great start to losing weight. Let me know how you get on…..

Congratulations to Lisa Morris

Congratulations to Lisa one of our Slimtone members at Llys Faen class in Bridgend who has lost over six stone. The Wales on Sunday has contacted her to organise a photo shoot and appear in their weekly newspaper. Will let you know when this is organised meanwhile you can read her succes story on our website http://www.slimtone.co.uk. I know you will find it really motivating. We are enjoying record weight losses at the classes and I am so pleased we have so many members looking forward to their holidays at their ideal weight for the first time in many years