Slim for Santa Special Week 5

Congratulations to all the members who are doing so well in our Slim for Santa competition in all the classes and now have lots of baubles on their trees. If you are busy Christmas shopping with no time to cook and plan week 5 of your Lifestyle Book is the answer to your problem. They are all quick and easy menues which will save you time and money. When thinking of sending for that takeaway just remember when you drop the “S” from fast food you are left with FAT FOOD. Still four weeks to go before all the festivities don’t give in now still time to lose some weight and inches.!!!!!

Slim for Santa Special Week Two

Slim for Santa Week Two

Really hoped you enjoyed the ideas we gave last week and the Butternut Squash and Red Pepper soup recipe we recommended is a great comfort food for the cold evenings.  It makes a great starter to a meal and certainly does help take the edge of your appetite.  So many of our members have found the soup flasks available in most supermarkets are ideal for using in work and makes a warm and tasty addition to their sandwiches.

With only seven weeks to Christmas now is the time to get back to basics which will certainly help melt those pounds away.

**  Don’t forget to complete your food diary every day and don’t skip meals as this will certainly lead to “picking” later in the day.

**  Keep your kitchen scales on the work surface – this will remind you to have the portions recommended in the plan.  All our members agree that this would be the advice they would give to all new members when joining Slimtone.

** Last but not least although the weather is getting colder it is so important to drink your water every day.  So many of us think we are hungry and start raiding the ‘fridge when our body is crying out for a glass of water!!!  See page 66 and 67 for all the advantages this will have for you and I know you will soon get back into the good habit of having it every day.  Add a slice of lemon, lime or orange it certainly makes a difference to the flavour.

Don’t forget to share your recipes and ideas on our Slimtone Group facebook page we would love to hear from you.

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Congratulations to Tasha our Slimmer of the Month

If you are looking for motivation to lose weight for your holidays take a look at Tasha’s story on Having reached her target weight after losing a stone and half she has maintained this for the past ten years. Attending class while she was pregnant with both her children and getting the extra pounds off to get to her ideal weight soon after they were born. Tasha attends the Slimtone class in Cwrt Gwalia every Thursday morning and Alison who takes the class is always pleased to see new members.

Slimtone’s Guide To Hidden Sugars

There has been a lot of media coverage on hidden sugars in our foods. This is a subject that we discuss in our classes on a regular basis when discussing our healthy eating programmes. If you would like to see this simply visit and see our Healthy Living Fact Sheets which are availalbe to download.


All Slimtone classes start back this week and you will find a list of venues on our website. If like so many after all the Christmas goodies you are “pinching and inch” on your waistline now is the time to start back.

Our weekly talks will be showing how we can HAVE A HEALTHY NEW YEAR and this week we will see the importance of having breakfast every morning.

There are lots of ideas and special offers in the stores this month promoting health eating and some are really worth investing in. The ceramic frying pans, health grills, kitchen scales, stick blenders for soups etc are all highly recommended. A exercise DVD is also good when this bad weather prevents getting outdoors and having a walk. See you soon. http//