Slim for Santa Special Week One

This is the first of your regular messages keeping you up to date with new products and ideas for the Christmas Countdown.

**The Mushroom and Ham Tagliatelle recipe on page 34 of your Lifestyle plan is really popular with so many of our Slimtone members.  Philadelphia have launched a new smoked ham light cream cheese which I used in this recipe to make the sauce.  It was really tasty and thought this would make a great convenient quick meal.

**Muller have just introduced an orange flavour to their chocolate desserts and we have had a great idea with this product from one of our members in Maesteg.  Pop in the bottom of micro dish and top with the steam pudding recipe on page 57 of your Lifestyle Plan. Cook in micro as directed and you will have a fab marbled effect on this tasty sweet dessert which will be popular with all the family.

** Looking for a quick Pumpkin soup recipe for Halloween. Our Butternut Squash and Red Pepper soup is ideal and is one of the class favourites. Pop 1 sliced onion, 1 deseeded red pepper, 2 sweet red peppers, 1 cleaned and chopped butternut squash, and 2 stock cubes into a large saucepan. Add water to cover vegetables and simmer until cooked, blitz with blender and serve garnished with parsley.

Slim for Santa Special

We are all aware there is only 8 weeks to go to all the Christmas festivities and the good news is there is still time to lose a stone to get into that special outfit. Diane in our Maesteg class has recently got to target and looking fab after losing 19 pounds in only 9 weeks and has shown that the secret of success is following the Lifestyle Plan. During the next eight weeks class members can look forward to a NEW 7 day planner with lots of ideas and recipes. Also, the weekly talks will provide all the motivation to lose those extra pounds and inches. If you are not a member of our Slimtone facebook group you will be missing regular messages keeping you up to date with new products and ideas from myself and our members so don’t miss out join now I know you will not be disappointed.