30th Anniversary special recipe.

Thanks to Andrea one of our most successful target member who has nominated the Oriental Pork as one of her favourite recipes. I know you and your family will enjoy.

Oriental Pork

Serves 4 – approx 259 cals – 10.6g fat per serving

450g (1 lb) lean pork

1 x 196g (7oz) can pineapple in natural juice

28g (1oz) flour

1 tblspn oil

565g (1 ¼ lb) potatoes, cubed

1 tspn Five Spice seasoning

¾ pint (450 ml) beef stock

3 large carrots, sliced

1 large onion, sliced

Black pepper

2 tblspns soy sauce

Cut pork into narrow strips, place in plastic bag with flour, Five Spice seasoning and

black pepper. Shake bag until meat is well coated. Heat oil, fry meat until sealed. Add

onions, carrots, soy sauce, beef stock, potatoes, pineapples and juice. Simmer for 30-

35 mins or until vegetables and meat are cooked throughout.

Congratulations to Andrea our first Target Member at Llysfaen

Andrea is an inspiration to all the members of our Llys Faen class on a Friday morning. Having lost nearly two stone since the class started in February and was one of our first members at the venue to achieve her target weight. Read Andrea’s story on our website http://www.slimtone.co.uk