A Hat Trick for Sainsbury’s Slimtone class.

Congratulations to three members of our class at Sainsbury’s store who reached their target weight this week. Brenda, Tina and Janet were all thrilled to be in swimsuit shape for the summer??? A special mention to Janet Dexter who lost an amazing 3stone 2 since January to achieve her goal weight. Jan fournd the flexibility and tasty meals on the Slimtone plan suited the shift work she has nursing in our local hospital. Once again congratulations you are all a real inspiration to all the class.

Congratulations to Lisa

Congratulations to Lisa Morris who has lost nearly seven stone and had her story together with fabulous photographs in todays edition of the Wales on Sunday. Lisa also appears on our website http://www.slimtone.co.uk and if you need motivating take a look at her success story and I know you will find it really inspiring. Lisa is a member of our Slimtone class at Llys Faen, Bridgend which is held on a Friday morning from 10,00am – 11.30. During the time we have been at the venue we have had a record number of target members and it’s really great for me to hear all the positive feedback and ideas shared every week at this friendly and successful class.

Congratulations to our Slimtone members

Congratulations for the record weight losses at our Slimtone classes. Special mention to Victoria at our Sainsburys class who has now lost over six stone. Her advice this week to all the new members was really inspirational. Victoria found taking each half stone as a milestone along the road to her ideal weight. As she explained looking at how much was to lose initially can be very off putting which everyone agreed. Setting herself these small targets together with always staying for the chat each week where everyone shares their ideas and tips has been the key to her success. Congratulations are also in order for Ann Marie who has lost four stone since joining in January an average of two pounds a week.

Well done to everyone.

Slimtone Celebrates it’s 28th Anniversary

Thanks to all the Slimtone members for making our classes so very successful. Also, to our lecturers and all the helpers who make up the Slimtone team. It is always great to see so many of our target members coming along on a regular basis to check on their weight. They are an inspitation to everyone at the class. They all agreed during our celebrations this week that visiting the meetings on a regular basis is the secret of maintaining their weight loss. Gail Adams at our Maesteg Class is a wonderful example having lost over 5 stone over 20 years ago and is still a familiar face at The Masonic Hall Maesteg. Thanks to everyone once again for making Slimtone such a success